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Mi Jue, aged 23 single Christian from Myanmar second in the family of eight. She has high school education. Able to understand simple English. Two years working experience in Thailand mainly in children care housekeeping and cooking. She is able to converse well in Thai. Good attitude and willing to learn. ETA 14 days.

Single (23)
Ref: KAM508
Upd on 21-Sep-16

Mon Mon Zin aged 35 single is the eldest in the family of five. She has university education and able to speak simple English and able to read. She does house work and cook for her family. She took care of her niece and nephew at home. Willing to learn and hardworking. ETA 14 days

Single (34)
Ref: KAM491
Upd on 17-Aug-16

Yin Yin Soe aged 36 married with one child. She has high school education and able to understand simple English. As a mother she has experience taking care of her own child from newborn. She does house work and cook for her family daily. She is willing to care for children / elderly. Good height and weight. Passport ready ETA 14 days

Single (28)
Ref: KAM439
Upd on 20-Jul-16

Nilar Oo aged 33 single Christian from Myanmar has university education. Able to converse in simple English. She has experience in taking care of her grandmother who is bedridden. Good height and weight. Willing to care for young children / elderly. Passport ready ETA 14 days

Single (33)
Ref: KAM386
Upd on 23-Mar-16
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